Dallas Wilson, Physiotherapist

Communication between Dallas and yourself is key to the integrated approach to achieving your goals.

Following your initial assessment and having the benefit of an independent diagnosis, Dallas will provide you with an explanation of the problem, the approach to remedy or improve the problem and instruction on treatments including appropriate exercises and specific manual therapies.

Dallas will also work with you to understand the importance of a home exercise program, to structure a routine that works for you and to establish a review process of your short and long term goals.

In the area of Sports and Fitness Dallas has worked with Olympians, NRL and NBL teams and countless weekend warriors.

Also specialising in Work-Related Injury Management, Dallas can oversee all aspects from treatment to return to work, having worked extensively as a Rehabilitation Provider and is skilled in conducting Work Place Assessments, for both the  corporate and government sectors.

Dallas holds a Masters degree in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy, as well as his Physiotherapy and Physical Education qualifications.

The breadth and scope of his training and experience enables the provision of the best possible service to deal with your injuries and problems, and the ability to advise you on your further care and management.




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