Pilates is a system of exercises suitable for low intensity or beginner levels through to high intensity or demanding levels.

Your Back in Action personal program can emphasise such areas as:

  • Core Stabilisation and Whole Body Stabilisation/Strengthening, where muscles are specifically targeted, as well as integrated into a holistic program which is both fun and challenging.
  • We can help you refine and develop the classical Pilates repertoire to achieve the best outcome for you regardless of your age, body type, or fitness level, including children, athletes and those recovering from surgery or injury.
  • We provide programs for both matwork and equipment so that you get the most benefit and enjoyment from your exercise regime.30653815 s

APPI Pilates Instructors undergo comprehensive Matwork and Equipment training with an internationally recognised Pilates Institute.
To become an APPI Certified Pilates Instructor you must hold a Physiotherapy (or equivalent health degree). This prerequisite means that your APPI Pilates Instructor has undergone degree level training in the field of allied health.

As part of their Matwork and Equipment training your APPI Certified Pilates Instructor would have completed face-to-face hands on learning. This includes the participation of Pilates classes, assessment workshops, case study workshops, research reviews and lectures. Your instructor would have also completed home-based training including over 150 hours of self practice, practice teaching, research reviews and participation of classes. On top of this your instructor would have completed a written and practical examination.

Only APPI Certified Pilates Instructors are able to use the internationally recognised APPI Pilates Logo. This is to give you, the client the knowledge that your instructor has undergone their full training and passed all examinations.

15404214 sAPPI Certified Pilates Instructors are required to complete 8 hours of Pilates related CPD each year to continually update their knowledge and skills.
Dallas is currently completing his Matwork and Equipment certification and is able to provide you the benefit of his many years of experience as a fully qualified Physiotherapist and Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapist as well as the most up to date Pilates exercises as taught by the APPI.

About APPI Pilates Method
The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) was founded in 1999 by Australian Physiotherapists Glenn and Elisa Withers. The APPI method presents the most current research relevant to Pilates and teaches a realistic framework of exercises to apply in the clinical setting. APPI Pilates Teacher Training courses are open to Physiotherapists and equivalent degree health therapists. The APPI curriculum has developed over the years to become one of the most comprehensive curriculum for any Pilates training organisation in the world. All APPI Pilates Teacher Training courses are written and delivered by qualified (or equivalent degree level) Physiotherapists. The Education Board meet quarterly to discuss new research and update content material.billionphotos 1202299 300px

Internationally Recognised
APPI Pilates Teacher Training courses are now delivered across 15 countries; including Australia & New Zealand.